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Mosaics Introduction

Mosaics Introduction

Explore ceramic customization

While you’re probably already familiar with the beutiful ceramic tile options available for your flooring, you might not know all of the other uses for ceramic within the home. Most tile manufacturers actually offer decorative inserts, medallions, and mosaics to create stunning, unique designs that enhance any room or space.

Backsplashes & Showers

Easily use tile of any shape or size to create a stylish and functional wall for your shower. Opt for marble or a similar natural stone for stunning, spa-like elegance. Or, choose glass for a sleeker, more modern look.

You may use ceramic tile to make a striking backsplash for your kitchen that makes the entire space pop! Choose from multicolored glass mosaic or get a classic subway style look. With tile, the sky is the limit!

Decorative Accents

You may also consider using tile to enhance a fireplace, create a feature wall, or elevate a border—indoors or outdoors. A decorative border trim adds visual appeal in kitchens or bathrooms, taking your home design to the next level.