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As you consider which luxury vinyl style you want for your home, consider the following before you make a purchase.

  • Subflooring & installation method. Before you have your floors installed, be aware of your subflooring surface & how your product was designed to be installed over it. Many of our luxury vinyl products are engineered to float over your existing floors, but the surface below still needs to be thoroughly cleaned & completely level to ensure no warping or other types of damage occur from below.
  • Your home’s moisture level. All of our luxury vinyl products feature either a water-resistant or completely waterproof surface. However, moisture can still become trapped between the subfloor and the vinyl during installation. To ensure a successful job, regulate the humidity in your home for a few days leading up to the installation of your new vinyl.
  • Sun exposure. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation from sunlight can cause your luxury vinyl floors to expand & contract or for surface colors to fade over time. To avoid these types of damage, use window treatments to block or mute sunlight. You can also occasionally rotate the placement of furniture & rugs to ensure even exposure on all parts of the floor.
  • How your lifestyle can have an impact. You’ll find a range of features when you shop for luxury vinyl floors. We’ve already established that some products are waterproof, but other features include resistance of scratches, scuffs, dents & stains. Consider what sorts of damage might be more likely to occur as a result of your lifestyle. If you have a family with small children or pets, spills or scratches may be your primary concern. Consider how you can mitigate these forms of damage with the right floor in combination with area rugs and other preventative measures.
  • Maintenance requirements. Even with resistance to so many types of damage, you’ll still need to establish a routine for proper luxury vinyl care. Our experts have assembled a guide to help you with regular care, preventative maintenance, spot cleaning for spills & stain removal. Be sure to consult your manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that you’re adhering to your warranty requirements.