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$100 Off Area Rugs
in Coral Springs, FL

Are you looking for new flooring? Visit the experts at Dolphin Carpet. As one of Florida’s leading flooring stores, we carry a wide variety of Area Rugs in Coral Springs, FL.

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Area Rugs in Coral Springs, FL

What are area rugs used for?

Area rugs are loved for a variety of reasons. Not only are they an easy way to express your individual personality, they’re also a functional piece of décor that provides comfort, warmth & safety to a space. Area rugs are like artwork for your floor.

The right-sized area rug can also be used to create a frame in which to place furniture, defining otherwise open spaces into contained, intimate settings. Create a seating area using rugs and furniture, or frame your dining room table.

Place a small rug or mat at an entryway or in front of a bathroom or kitchen sink to protect high-traffic areas of your floor and provide a comfortable space upon which to walk and stand. Rugs are useful in both indoor and outdoor spaces, no matter your style.

The Best Rooms for Area Rugs

Your mind may jump to the living room, where an area rug can be used to create a comfortable surface that matches your furniture and ties the room together. The dining room is another space where rugs are commonly used. Place your table at the rug’s center and ensure that the rug is large enough to fit all of your dining room chairs.

In the bathroom, you can use rugs to add a warm, cushioned surface outside of your shower or in front of your sink or toilet. This will make the experience of walking on cold tile floors much more bearable, as well as give you some comfort while getting ready for work or for bed.

Rugs can add comfort anywhere in the home, even in carpeted bedrooms. You can also dampen the noise of footsteps in long hallways using area rug runners.

Area Rug Styles for Your Home

When you shop at Coral Springs Dolphin Carpet, you’ll have access to a huge array of area rug styles. Whether you want an elegant plush shag rug or are leaning into a rustic farmhouse aesthetic, you’ll find rug styles to match these tastes and every décor style in between!

Choose from rugs in every color, from white and grey neutrals to blue and green natural hues or even vibrant multicolor rugs. We have rugs in all sizes, including 8x10, 5x7, and 4x6, for both indoor and outdoor use. Visit Dolphin Carpet in Coral Springs today to explore our collection and talk to our experts about your design goals.

Dolphin Carpet Coral Springs

Our Coral Springs location is located 3 lights North of Atlantic Boulevard on the left side of University Drive. Turn left onto Shadow Wood Blvd and we’ll be on your left! You’ll find plenty of shaded, free parking out front. If you have trouble finding us, we’re just a quick phone call away to help you navigate: