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What’s the Difference Between Vinyl & Laminate Flooring?

laminate vs vinyl

It’s no secret that everyone loves the stunning natural beauty of gorgeous hardwood floors and the inherent durability they provide throughout the home. If you’re shopping for new hard surface flooring and genuine hardwood floors are either out of your budget or a poor fit for your household, striking laminate and luxury vinyl options in…

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Choosing a Tile Pattern for Your Bathroom

bathroom tile

A bathroom remodel project is a great way to add new life to your home, especially since this space is where we begin and end each day. Whether it’s getting ready for a big presentation or unwinding from a full schedule, an artfully designed bathroom helps us to feel our very best! When selecting new…

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Liven Up Your Kitchen with a Mosaic Tile Backsplash

kitchen mosaic tile

If you’ve been looking for a way to take your kitchen from ordinary to memorable, look no further than designing a mosaic tile backsplash for a dash of pizazz to a seen but sometimes forgotten area of the kitchen! The backsplash refers to the material covering the area behind the sink and faucet, as well as the wall that fills the space between the countertops and the base…

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When is it Time to Replace Your Carpet?

carpet replacement south florida

There are many reasons to replace your carpet when the time is right, and some of these reasons will be more apparent than others!  The subtle signs that it’s time to purchase new carpet are equally important, and you can always reserve the right to install a new look whenever you desire. Whether you are wondering if the carpet needs to be replaced out of necessity, or if you are leaning…

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Using Patterned Carpet in Your Home

patterned carpet in miami, FL

Everyone loves the comforting touch of supremely soft carpeting in the home. It’s perfect for reminding us to slow down, settle in, and enjoy relaxing in our favorite rooms. Have you ever explored the idea of using patterned carpet in your home? This hardly means a plaid carpet or bold animal print, but rather a carpet that uses a mixed-height pile…

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The Best Floors to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger & Brighter

bright white kitchen design

Even if your home doesn’t feature a large culinary space, the right flooring can make even a tight, smaller kitchen area feel bigger than it actually is! In addition to offering the performance characteristics that you need for an active kitchen, you can select a flooring option that will help produce a more spacious feel with the finished installation.…

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The Best Carpet in a Home with Pets 

It’s no surprise that homeowners these days are looking for pet-friendly flooring options that can handle playful activity and still look fantastic: we love our pets, and we want them everywhere we are! Our favorite creatures don’t mean to present harm to our pristine surfaces, but scratches, stains, and knocked–over items are inevitable in a home with dogs and…

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How is Hardwood Flooring Installed?

hardwood flooring installation in Miami, FL

Hardwood flooring is a naturally gorgeous, classic flooring choice that adds tremendous warmth, character, and value to your home. Available in both solid wood and engineered options, each respective type uses a specific installation method and require different levels of prep! Making a Hardwood Flooring Decision First, it’s time to decide which type of hardwood flooring and installation method you’ll use based on factors like your budget, the type of subflooring, the kind of wood flooring you want, and…

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The Best Flooring for Humid Climates

rigid core flooring in Miami, FL

With spring and summer on the horizon, the sun will come out, temperatures will rise, and so will the humidity levels as a result. Many areas will experience some level of humidity uptick, with some regions experiencing a purely humid climate during these seasons. In order to design your home for premium performance in this type…

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How Laminate Flooring Is Made

styles of laminate flooring in Miami, FL

Tremendously durable and exceptionally eye-catching, laminate flooring is a reliable hard surface option that checks all the boxes when homeowners are shopping for versatile flooring. But how is this popular flooring made, and what gives it its longevity and appeal?  Laminate flooring is manufactured by fusing layers of material with high heat and enormous pressure. The finished product – a solid piece of flooring topped with a picture layer and a clear coat resin – replicates the look and feel of…

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Flooring Trends for 2021

mohawk wood patterned tile floors in Miami, FL

With a new year comes new goals and visions for the months ahead: Maybe you have a home remodel, room renovation, or design refresh at the top of your things to do! Luckily, each new year also brings exciting new trends in flooring and home décor that help inspire our new favorite layout. If you’re…

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Tile Looks for Retro Style

retro tile pattern

If there’s one piece of advice that’s true for fashion and interior design, it’s that if you hold onto something long enough, it’s probably going to come back in style! We’ve seen it every time a specific decade of fashion is hip again, and we’ve certainly seen mid-century modern tile colors and design thrive once…

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Beautiful Luxury Vinyl Wood Looks for Any Room

mohawk luxury vinyl flooring in Miami, FL

Whether you want to remodel your favorite rooms for your family’s enjoyment or get a property ready to list on the market in a quick amount of time, gorgeous wood-look luxury vinyl flooring will help you complete your project in record time and capture all of your favorite hardwood visuals using less design budget! These resilient…

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Fun Holiday Rugs You’ll Love

festive holiday rug in home

‘Tis the season to be jolly and it’s time to deck the halls with Christmas and holiday cheer! If you got a later start on your holiday décor this year, don’t stress because there’s still plenty of time to get the home ready before your family get-together. One of the best ways to instantly add…

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Choosing the Right Tile for Your Project

hexagon tile in bathroom

You’ve got a home project you’re really excited about, and you know you want to use fabulous tile to complete your vision. You found an unglazed ceramic porcelain tile in the perfect shade of blue. But is it the right kind of tile for your particular project? The immediate two questions you need to ask…

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The Right Rug Patterns for Your Style

It’s no secret that we love our stylish rugs! Perfect for matching a specific theme, holiday, or décor, area rugs help protect our floors while adding visual interest and instant pops of color, texture, and pattern. Available in a variety of constructions and materials, our online rug shop has the perfect options for every room…

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Is Distressed Hardwood Flooring Right for You?

distressed hardwood in kitchen

Beautiful, durable, and sustainable, hardwood floors are as classic a flooring option as any. With proper care and routine cleaning, your hardwood floors will require minimal maintenance and shine for decades. However, don’t mistake a traditional flooring choice for one that is short on modern, trending style! Did you know that you don’t have to…

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Fun Ways to Use Wood in the Home

living room with accent wall and fireplace

Although hardwood floors are one of the most traditional and timeless surface options on the market, they are as eye-catching and sought-after as ever! With the ability to retain value over time and even improve your home resale value, hardwood is not only a gorgeous choice but a sound investment as well. Also, you are…

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The Toughest and Softest Hardwood Species

solid hickory hardwood flooring

A timeless flooring material, hardwood is one of the most elegant, durable, and valuable surfaces that you can choose for your home. Did you know that some hardwood species are harder than others? Each species of wood has an individual cellular structure, creating physical properties determining how it should be used. Durability is an essential…

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All About TecWood from Mohawk

If you are one of the many homeowners that prize the look and performance of gorgeous hardwood floors, you will cherish Mohawk’s newest collections: Introducing performance technology for natural hardwood, TecWood combines the beauty of genuine wood floors with technology engineered to keep them looking new so you don’t have to choose between beauty and…

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