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Daily Care

It is important to sweep a tile floor regularly. Dirt can adhere to the surface of tile, particularly styles with a textured surface. Regular sweeping loosens and removes most of the dirt. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to remove dirt from your tile floors but avoid using one with a beater bar, so you don’t dull or scratch the tiles. Attachments from your vacuum are also useful to collect dirt from along edges or in between tiles.

Be sure to use doormats to minimize and contain dirt that is tracked in at entryways. This reduces the amount of dirt being tracked across the tile floor and reduces the wear to the finished surface.

While ceramic tile is considered very durable, it is not indestructible and may crack or chip under extreme force. Take the proper precautions when moving heavy objects across your tile floor. Cover furniture and table legs with protectors to guard your floor against damage. Chair pads must be used under any rolling type chairs.

Tile Care & Maintenance | Dolphin Carpet & Tile
Tile Care & Maintenance | Dolphin Carpet & Tile

Dealing with Stains & Spills

Ceramic tile floors should be damp mopped regularly using the manufacturer’s recommended grout and tile cleaners. For heavier soil, you can spot clean the floor with a sponge or clean cloth and the recommended cleaners. Rinse well and wipe dry for more shine. Textured tiles may require mild scrubbing with a soft brush.

After cleaning with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water to help remove any leftover residue. If needed, wipe dry with a clean towel to remove any film. Make sure to always consult the cleaning product’s instructions to make sure the product is compatible with your type of tile.

Avoid using steel wool, scouring powders, or other abrasives that can scratch the finish of the tile. Don’t use bleach or ammonia-based cleaners, as these products can discolor your grout if used too often. Also, don’t clean glazed tile with oil-based cleaners. Try to clean up spills as quickly as possible so that the grout or tile doesn’t become stained.

Tile care | Dolphin Carpet & Tile

Tile Care

By following these care guidelines, your new tile can stay attractive for many years.
Tile Installation | Dolphin Carpet & Tile

Tile Installation

Being ready for your tile installation will make the entire process go more efficiently.
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Tile Trends

Each ceramic tile style and trend has its own characteristics and performance capabilities, which you'll ned to consider.

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