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Save On Area Rugs Flooring In Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Are you looking for new flooring? Visit the experts at Dolphin Carpet. As one of Florida’s leading flooring stores, we carry a wide variety of Area Rugs in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Area Rugs in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Why Should You Use Area Rugs in Your Home?

Area rugs are one of the most versatile pieces of décor you can have in your home, able to meet stylistic & functional needs simultaneously. They’re also simple to use and easy to move or swap out whenever you need a change.

Rugs help to make a space feel more grounded by coordinating with your room’s various other elements of design. Different colors & patterns throughout your décor can be tied together nicely with the right rug. You can use rugs to visually anchor the furniture in your living room, dining room or bedroom, creating defined seating or conversation areas out of what is otherwise just furniture.

Area rugs can also be used to protect the flooring surfaces beneath them. In bathrooms and kitchens, you can place small mats by sinks and other high-traffic spots to reduce scuffs and moisture contact with your flooring. At transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, these sorts of mats can trap dirt and other debris before it gets tracked into your home.

An Endless Array of Rug Options

Area rugs are particularly popular because of the sheer number of options they offer when it comes to color, pattern, shape & design. You can match any color scheme with an area rug, with designs ranging from neutral white or gray rugs to nature-inspired hues of blue and green and even vibrant, exciting multicolor styles.

Here at Dolphin Carpet in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, we offer rugs in every size and shape to meet specific design needs. Decorating a small space? You may want to opt for a 4x6 or even a doormat. Need a larger rug? Choose a 5x7 for medium areas, an 8x10 for large rooms, or go even larger if you’re working with a huge open concept or a particularly large furniture arrangement.

Find any shape you need to fit the unique spaces in your home, from round rugs to rectangles, an even longer runners for hallways. Whether you want a thick, plush shag rug or a thinner one made from natural materials, discover your perfect look at Dolphin Carpet!

What is the best area rug brand?

You’ll only find flooring solutions of the utmost quality & value when you shop with us at Dolphin Carpet. Every brand we carry provides its own unique style & features, so the answer really depends on your individual tastes & the functional requirements of your design.

Some of the most well-known names we offer include Karastan, Mohawk, Couristan, Oriental Weavers, Dalyn, Kaleen, Nourison, & Surya – just to name a few! If you’re unfamiliar with the options available to you and want expert advice before making your next rug purchase, talk to one of our representatives the next to you visit our Ft. Lauderdale, FL showroom. We’ll teach you more about all the rug options we offer as well as the beautiful floors you can pair with them!