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Revwood+ Waterproof Laminate Flooring

A cutting-edge example of how you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for low-budget or high performance, Revwood+ from Mohawk contradicts that notion by providing all three in one flooring solution.

Mohawk Revwood+ flooring is a 100% waterproof laminate made from – and designed to look and feel like – real wood.

Why choose Revwood+?

Thanks to its durable construction and sophisticated style, there’s a laundry list of benefits of Revwood+. First, it shares all of the benefits that regular Revwood flooring already brings to the table:

  • Exceptionally durable
  • Resistance scratches & dents
  • Resistance to stains & fading
  • The beauty & texture of real hardwood
  • A wide variety of trending styles and colors
  • Easy to install
  • Easy on your budget

The “plus” in Revwood+ signifies the addition of:

  • 100% Waterproof construction

    • Revwood+ is the first laminate floor on the market that can be wet-mopped without worry. The unique, 3-part Uniclic MultiFit technology used in the construction and installation of Revwood+ create an impenetrable waterproof surface. We’ll dive in to more detail in the sections below.
  • Easy cleaning & maintenance

    • Because Mohawk Revwood+ floors are waterproof and stain-resistant, cleaning up spills is as simple as wiping or mopping the mess up. Liquids, accidents, and tracked-in stain-producing mud and other debris all stay on the waterproof surface for a very quick-and-easy clean-up process!
  • Mohawk’s All Pet Plus protection

    • Revwood+ is also the first laminate flooring option with Mohawk’s All Pet Protection and warranty! This protection covers all pets (from common cats and dogs to more exotic animals), all accidents, all the time! It’s a beautiful wood floor that’s also perfect for families with young children and pets.

What is Revwood+ made of?

 As we mentioned above, Revwood+ is actually made of real wood! With the exception of its protective surface wear layer, each component of Revwood+ is made exclusively from real wood, from its core construction to the paper used to display the photorealistic visuals.

Unlike other wood floors, however, Revwood+ is designed to be installed in any room, anywhere in your home. Because it’s waterproof, it’s uniquely suited to high-traffic, high-moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, unlike solid hardwood floors, Revwood+ can be installed below grade, in basement spaces.

So if it’s really wood, then what makes Revwood+ waterproof? It’s all in the construction and installation.

How is Revwood+ installed?

The system behind the moisture-repelling properties of Mohawk Revwood+ waterproof flooring is elegant and unique. There are three main components:

  • 1. The Uniclic joint locking system
    • The first of Mohawk’s technologies at play here, Uniclic joints are milled to extremely small tolerances for an incredibly tight joint. This tight locking mechanism is what prevents water from seeping through the surface layer from above and down into the rest of the plank, which would otherwise be damaged by moisture.

  • 2. The GenuEdge pressed bevel edges
    •  The next piece of the puzzle involves the shape of the edge of this flooring. Revwood+ features a beveled edge that causes the laminate décor to roll over the edge, flowing into the Uniclic joint. This intuitive shape adds another layer of protection from water.

  • 3. The Hydroseal perimeter coating
    • When planks are cut during installation, the waterproof engineering of Revwood+’s planks is cut away as well. This leaves the perimeter exposed to water – which is where the Hydroseal perimeter coating comes in. This 100% silicone sealant is a requirement in order to guarantee true spill protection. It’s a hydrophobic coating that gets applied all around the perimeter of the floor.

With those three key components properly in place, Revwood+ flooring is fully installed and ready to repel any moisture you throw at it (literally).

Revwood+ styles

Mohawk Revwood+ waterproof floors are designed to offer all of the high performance functionality that active lifestyles require, while not losing sight of the vintage allure of real solid hardwood flooring. Mohawk accomplished this with the hyperrealism of Revwood+’s visuals, from the surface texture to the authentic-looking finish.

Additionally, these waterproof laminates feature designs with today’s hottest trending wood colors. These tend to be lighter, brighter wood tones like soft browns and grays.

Get a proper taste of what this new and emerging flooring category has to offer when you visit one of our ten conveniently located Dolphin Carpet & Tile showrooms in Southeast Florida. Our experts will help you envision how Revwood+ can fit into your next renovation project, then help you bring that vision to life!