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All About RevWood Plus from Mohawk

As quickly as today’s world moves and tastes can change, gorgeous hardwood beauty is a timeless mainstay in stylish homes everywhere and will continue to remain in high demand no matter what the hottest trend is. However, when modern innovation and technological advancements can make a classic product more superior, it’s a victory for everyone. RevWood Plus from Mohawk is completely waterproof laminate flooring that has incredible style, high performance, and exceptional value. It’s time to take a deeper dive and learn all about RevWood Plus!

Waterproof construction

From its core construction to the realistic visual, each component of RevWood Plus is created from real wood with the sole exception of the protective surface layer. RevWood Plus is created with incredibly tight Uniclic joints that are milled to prevent water from seeping through the surface layer from above and down into the rest of the plank. Planks also feature GenuEdge beveled edges that force the laminate décor to roll over the edge, flowing into the Uniclic joint for added water protection. 100% silicone Hyrdoseal coating is then applied all around the perimeter of each plank for true spill defense.

Ease of care

Not only are RevWood Plus floors waterproof and stain-resistant, but they can even be wet mopped! That’s right…you can clean up liquid spills from kids and pet accidents simply by mopping or wiping the mess up. In fact, RevWood Plus is also the only laminate product with Mohawk’s All Pet Protection and a warranty that covers all pets, all accidents, all the time. Now you can have a wood floor that’s a dream to maintain and won’t be damaged by young children and pets.

Effortless installation

Thanks to its unique waterproof construction, you can have genuine, sophisticated beauty in high-traffic, high-moisture rooms that solid hardwood is not well suited for. This means that in addition to kitchens and bathrooms, you can also have the look of genuine wood in below-grade basement installations.  For the ultimate stress reducer, a Uniclic locking system ensures successful, quicker results with every RevWood Plus installation.

Visual appeal

The ultra-realism of RevWood Plus is found in every knot, texture, and trending wood tone. Its in-demand color palette includes authentic soft browns, grays, and other sought-after airy, bright shades. Specifically designed to coordinate with any décor, RevWood Plus presents refined, clean visuals that deliver warmth as well as vintage appeal. You can design with the longer, wider plank formats to capture a luxurious look that also works well with open floor plans commonly found in today’s homes.

Along with some of the most impressive warranties offered from one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, RevWood Plus from Mohawk is domestically produced for the ultimate peace of mind from a superior verified product.  When you’re ready to bring this revolutionary laminate wood home, reach out to the experts at Dolphin Carpet & Tile to get started!

RevWood Plus in bathroom