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Decorating for the Holidays on a Budget

It’s the most wonderful time of the year–the holidays! And decorating for the holidays is always fun, whether you pull out all the over-the-top stops or if your style leans more toward the hip and chic. One thing is for sure: your Christmas decorating budget doesn’t have to break the bank.

Before you buy anything new, bring out the holiday boxes and see what you already own that you can use. For example, those boxes of inexpensive glass Christmas balls can be transformed into sparkling centerpieces when placed in cutlass bowls accented with sprigs of holly or other greenery.

Speaking of nature, it’s always nice to bring the outdoors in with boughs of holly, fir or other evergreens, like magnolia, to decorate your mantle, tabletops, or banister. Make your own bows using inexpensive ribbon in festive colors and prints from either a dollar store or hobby retailer. Pro tip: Most of these stores have a discount or dollar-only section with all sorts of festive decorating items.

Look for a holiday-themed area rug to set off your beautiful hard surface flooring. Seasonal area rugs will add just the right vibe, color, and excitement while protecting your floors during festive get-togethers. We have a wide array of fall-themed rugs and Christmas-themed rugs that will lend the perfect touch to your holiday decor.

Small mason jars make great “rustic” tea light holders. For a distinctive look on your mantle, find an assortment of different sized mason jars–you might try to find some at second-hand shops. Fill the mason jars with pillar candles of the same color (cream or white). Then surround the jars with greenery and a burlap ribbon to complete this quaint, seasonal accessory.

There’s nothing like the magical shimmer from lots of tiny fairy lights. Whether you’re a fan of white lights, multi-colored lights, or maybe a little of both, all varieties help make almost every setting a little more special. Plus, they’re an inexpensive decorating tool! Buy a large grapevine wreath and wrap it up with white lights, stick a big red bow on it and hang it above the fireplace for instant holiday cheer.

Looking for a unique kitchen decoration idea? Take your holiday cookie cutters (at least five cookie cutters will do) and tie lengths of yarn to each. Tie the whole bunch together and accent with a spray of greenery, maybe some jingle bells and a bow.

It really doesn’t take that much time, effort, or money to join in the merrymaking, so get in the spirit and deck those halls!

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