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How To Clean Your Tile Flooring

Tile is one of the most durable flooring options out there. Renowned for its longevity and ability to withstand the test of time, tile flooring has long been a popular option for homeowners looking for something built to last. Both stylish and durable, the value of tile stems from its lack of required maintenance. By simply dedicating a few minutes every week, you can help guarantee that your tile flooring stays looking its best. 

This post will highlight the top tips and tricks for cleaning your tile flooring.

1) Sweep or vacuum 

The first step to ensuring your tile floors always looks their best is to sweep or vacuum. In doing so, you are helping eliminate dirt, dust, and other debris that can work its way into your tile/grout, causing long-term damage. As the first step of a more thorough cleaning process, sweeping will help make sure that your floors are free of dirt as you begin scrubbing with your desired cleansing product.  

If you elect to vacuum instead of sweeping, ensure that your beater bar is not harming the tile floor. 

2) Combine warm water with a cleaning solution and scrub the floors 

Once you have sufficiently swept/vacuumed your floor, it is time to do some scrubbing. What this entails is relatively simple. All you need to do is choose a cleaning detergent (dish soap will work fine), combine it with warm water, and you have got your solution! From there, you will dip a chamois mop or rag into the mixture and begin scrubbing away at your floor. 

Evenly scrub all portions of your floor while periodically switching out the dirty water for clean water.

3) Clean the grout

Having cleaned your tile, now it is time to shift your attention to the grout. For grout, opt for a specialized cleaner. These are available at most major stores. 

With your cleaner obtained, put on a pair of plastic gloves or something to protect your skin, and spray the product, letting it sit for several minutes. Once it has absorbed into the grout, grab an old toothbrush or another small scrubbing tool and scrub the grout sections of your tile floor. 

4) Dry your floor with a clean rag

Now that your tile and grout are sparkling and clean, take a dry towel to your floor and hit all of those areas where moisture is persistent. Once done, your tile floor should look as good as new. 

The Best Tile Floor Is A Clean Tile Floor

By establishing a care and maintenance routine and cleaning your tile floor semi-regularly, you can help to ensure that it always looks its best. While tile is inherently a low-maintenance and durable option for your flooring, some upkeep is required if you want it to age well. 

Interested in learning more about care and maintenance for your tile floors or having some beautiful new tile floors installed in your home? Contact the team at Dolphin Carpet today!