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Using Patterned Carpet in Your Home

patterned carpet in miami, FL

Everyone loves the comforting touch of supremely soft carpeting in the home. It’s perfect for reminding us to slow down, settle in, and enjoy relaxing in our favorite rooms. Have you ever explored the idea of using patterned carpet in your home? This hardly means a plaid carpet or bold animal print, but rather a carpet that uses a mixed-height pile to create engaging visual interest that can also serve an active home with valuable properties. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for using patterned carpet in your home:  

Generally speaking, your patterned carpets will either be cut-and-loop or looped constructionsJust as the name suggests, cut and loop constructions utilize a combination of cut and looped yarn to create low-profile patterned effects using the variation in surface texturesPopular for casual and traditional design schemes, the distinctive carved appearance comes available in multiple colors and many patterns including fun geometrics and formal botanicals, and will do an outstanding job of hiding stains and standing up to traffic.

Also referred to as Berber carpets, looped constructions hide traffic patterns better and will serve as a long-lasting performer in casual, active family rooms. Berber patterns feature varying loop levels that create exceptional durability. 

patterned carpet in miami, FL

In addition to visual interest and savvy performance, different motifs will help your patterned carpet create different feels in respective rooms. Nature-inspired patterns and colorful artistic repetitions will have a calming, soothing effect in living rooms or bedrooms. You can use geometric-inspired carpet patterns to inspire intellect in a home office or add dimension and depth within a modern design scheme. No matter what carpet pattern you are leaning towards, it’s wise to follow a common interior design ratio to avoid overwhelming a room: Consider using 60% neutral color, 30% solid color, and 10% patterns within an overall layout while being mindful of keeping all categories rooted in the same color family, as well as using a unifying shade to tie the room together.  

If wall-to-wall patterned carpet is not a good fit for your home, consider injecting the same personality and valuable performance in the form of area rugs and carpet tiles. You can find the exact size and shape to fit your room and hallways while still enhancing the energy and mood with the soft touch and visual you crave. Using these movable options will help you to complete seasonal design refreshes and allow you to switch more easily between eclectic, transitional, modern, or contemporary design schemes over the years. Along with helping you avoid monotony in your inspired interiors, eye-catching patterned rugs add valuable protection for your floors underneath and help keep your rooms looking pristine for longer between cleanings– especially in active homes with kids and pets! 

If you are considering beautiful patterned carpet for your home, we always advise bringing home carpet samples to test them against the walls and furnishings in the rooms that will receive new carpet.  Make sure to save your favorite carpet patterns using our “My Design Book” feature and contact our carpet experts with any questions you may have!