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When is it Time to Replace Your Carpet?

There are many reasons to replace your carpet when the time is right, and some of these reasons will be more apparent than others!  The subtle signs that it’s time to purchase new carpet are equally important, and you can always reserve the right to install a new look whenever you desire. Whether you are wondering if the carpet needs to be replaced out of necessity, or if you are leaning that way naturally, here are some factors that will indicate when it’s time to replace your carpet.

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Many culprits can cause the appearance of a once beautiful, plush carpet pile to decline. Active kids, energetic pets, heavy furniture, and rough footwear can cause tears, rips, and matting, while the same effect can come slowly from foot traffic or mishaps over time. Matted, lumpy, worn, faded, or rippled places in your carpet are excellent signals that your carpet is due for a refresh. If you find yourself walking into a living space and you purposefully ignore blemishes in the carpet, it is more than likely time to replace it!   

Lingering Odors 

Pet accidents, smokingknocked-over drinks, and food spills are a few things that can add a less than pleasant aroma to the carpet. Some of these offenders can also make their way under the carpet where mildew and mold can grow and create odors as well. If there is a distinctive scent in the house that doesn’t go away after having the carpet professionally cleaned, the smell is probably a strong indicator that it’s time to replace the carpet 

Allergy Symptoms 

If you or your family members experience sneezing, watery eyes, or congestion that you can’t blame on any known triggers, consider that your carpet may have become a storehouse of allergens. Vacuuming and cleaning are usually the first preventative treatment but if those symptoms persist, new carpeting may be the best medicine to prevent further irritation and greater health issues down the line.   

Selling Your Home 

When it’s time to relist your home on the market, a sound realtor will advise you to make the necessary home updates to attract the best offers. If anything bothers you about your current carpeting, it’s a good bet that it may also bother potential buyers. Attractive carpeting can make a tremendous first impression when a buyer walks into your house, and new carpet pile will certainly help seal the deal for minimal time on the market!  

Design Preferences  

Never forget: You have the right to change your mind anytime about your carpet! If your carpet blemishes bother you, or you are just ready for something new, that may be the only clue you need that it’s time for a replacement. One of the best reasons to remove your old carpet is a new interior design refresh. Look no further than new furniture or a new interior paint scheme as the perfect cue to replace your carpet as well.  

When you are ready to make your next flooring decision or have questions about how to keep your carpet looking freshour Dolphin Carpet & Tile experts are waiting to assist you every step of the way!