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Durable Wood Looks with Hardwood Flooring Alternatives

Hardwood Flooring Alternatives | Dolphin Carpet & Tile

When designing your dream home or bringing your home design up to modern tastes before listing the property on the market, it goes without saying that hardwood floors will certainly be a contending surface option!  Full of natural beauty, character, knots, and graining, hardwood floors are one of the most highly sought-after materials with prospective home…

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Choosing a Tile Pattern for Your Bathroom

bathroom tile | Dolphin Carpet & Tile

A bathroom remodel project is a great way to add new life to your home, especially since this space is where we begin and end each day. Whether it’s getting ready for a big presentation or unwinding from a full schedule, an artfully designed bathroom helps us to feel our very best! When selecting new…

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Liven Up Your Kitchen with a Mosaic Tile Backsplash

kitchen mosaic tile

If you’ve been looking for a way to take your kitchen from ordinary to memorable, look no further than designing a mosaic tile backsplash for a dash of pizazz to a seen but sometimes forgotten area of the kitchen! The backsplash refers to the material covering the area behind the sink and faucet, as well as the wall that fills the space between the countertops and the base…

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The Best Flooring for Humid Climates

rigid core flooring in Miami, FL

With spring and summer on the horizon, the sun will come out, temperatures will rise, and so will the humidity levels as a result. Many areas will experience some level of humidity uptick, with some regions experiencing a purely humid climate during these seasons. In order to design your home for premium performance in this type…

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Flooring Trends for 2021

mohawk wood patterned tile floors in Miami, FL

With a new year comes new goals and visions for the months ahead: Maybe you have a home remodel, room renovation, or design refresh at the top of your things to do! Luckily, each new year also brings exciting new trends in flooring and home décor that help inspire our new favorite layout. If you’re…

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Tile Looks for Retro Style

retro tile pattern

If there’s one piece of advice that’s true for fashion and interior design, it’s that if you hold onto something long enough, it’s probably going to come back in style! We’ve seen it every time a specific decade of fashion is hip again, and we’ve certainly seen mid-century modern tile colors and design thrive once…

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Choosing the Right Tile for Your Project

hexagon tile in bathroom

You’ve got a home project you’re really excited about, and you know you want to use fabulous tile to complete your vision. You found an unglazed ceramic porcelain tile in the perfect shade of blue. But is it the right kind of tile for your particular project? The immediate two questions you need to ask…

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The Best Flooring Choices for Your Basement

This unpredictable year has proven the value of maximizing every space in the home! If you have a house with a basement and are eager to turn this area into useable space for your family, there’s no time like the present to complete this valuable project. Maybe you’re planning a full-fledged playroom with room not…

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Ceramic Tile vs. Porcelain Tile

tile used in bathroom

Whether you want to add unique visual interest to a room or a timeless, elegant feel, tile is an incredibly wide-ranging surface that dates back to ancient civilizations around the world. There is seemingly no end to the gorgeous colors, patterns, and finishes that you can use to create spectacular floors! Before you start designing…

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Fun Ways to Use Mosaics in the Home

mosaics in bathroom

One of the main reasons that stylish homeowners choose the look of natural stone and gorgeous tile is for the design capability to create eye-catching, one-of-a-kind layouts and unforgettable spaces. Whether you love travertine and slate or prefer porcelain and ceramic tile, you can create a grand-feeling floor, mixed-size, or a smaller, unique design to…

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What Kind of Natural Stone Flooring is Right for You?

stone tile in kitchen

When it’s time to upgrade your floors, it can seem as though the flooring options, along with their respective pros and cons, are endless. If you’ve narrowed your flooring choice down to elegant natural stone tiles, your final decision will be guided by many important considerations. Here’s a quick list of factors to consider. Budget…

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Top Tile Trends of 2019

wood look tile in modern kitchen

If you’re looking for new tile, you’re most likely looking for flooring in the bathroom or kitchen areas. If not, that’s great too! Tile can go anywhere throughout the home and will look great in any room! With many styles, shapes, patters, colors, and finishes your home can range from quiet and elegant to vibrant…

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Tile Maintenance

elegant kitchen with ceramic tile

Tile floors are a very popular flooring option. They are gorgeous, unique and quite durable – but, just like any other flooring, tile needs to be cleaned and regularly maintained.  Sooner or later, time and traffic, life and living, will take its toll on any floor covering. Ceramic tile is no exception. But take heart…

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Caring for your Resilient Flooring

milk spilled from glass on oak wooden surface

Congratulations! Your new resilient flooring is installed and looks beautiful! If the flooring you’ve recently installed new is RevWood, RevWood Plus, or SolidTech Luxury Vinyl Tile, from Mohawk Flooring, or Luxury Vinyl from COREtec, then you have resilient flooring. This type of flooring is great for spaces where moisture is generally an issue. They are…

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Best Flooring Options for Dogs & Cats

dog on laminate floor

If you’re a pet-owner, you’re probably already all too familiar with the wear and tear that our furry friends can cause to your home over time. Scratches, stains, odors and dirt are all common pet-caused hassles that can be especially damaging to floors. That’s why many pet-owners, whether they’re building or remodeling a home, are…

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