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Why Get a Professional Flooring Installation?

Many homeowners and families have used the extra time at home this year to identify all of the exciting remodel projects and renovations that will help elevate properties for personal enjoyment and resale. You may have even considered putting down a DIY floor since you are indoors more. However, there are some key reasons why it may be best to let professionals handle your next flooring installation. Whether your design refresh is based on new LVT, laminate, carpet, or hardwood, here are a few considerations why getting a professional flooring installation is a sound use of your resources.

Although installing a DIY floor feels like it will cut down on costs, the expenses can quickly add up outside of just the flooring material. You may need tools like a handheld jigsaw and a compound miter saw if you need to cut planks to fit your floor plan. Adhesives, tapping blocks, a nail gun for trim- all of this equipment will need to be purchased or rented if you don’t already own them. Also, when your old flooring is removed, you may need to hire a junk hauler or rent a vehicle to pick-up and dispose of the waste. Installation professionals will handle these extra costs for you!

If you are excited about a new hard surface flooring that provides waterproof performance, remember that a finished floor will only hold liquid on the surface if it is installed flawlessly! That means every single plank must be securely locked and air-tight to prevent spills and pet accidents from seeping in between cracks. If your planks feature a locking system, every plank has to follow the same direction for the waterproof quality to be created. Your installation professionals know this and will ensure that your installation is flawless with no air between planks.

There’s also a good chance that the flooring installation will take longer than you expect. You need to truly educate yourself ahead of time on the process of flooring installation. It’s more than simply reading the manufacturer’s instructions and watching videos on YouTube: you have to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines completely or risk voiding the product warranty. In order to receive all of the great warranty benefits from your gorgeous flooring products, you can’t take any shortcuts during the installation process. From understanding the angles of installation and how to make cuts, to tapping planks and finishing a floor, hiring professionals who are focused on every step will eliminate the learning curve and alleviate the pressure for you.

Before taking on any flooring project, make sure to factor in the stress of room displacement. With a full house of kids, pets, and adults working at home, you want to minimize the amount of time a room is off-limits. You will need to remove old flooring (which is very physically taxing), and then take your time with a DIY installation. On average, you’re probably looking at a week for a single room in total- and that’s if you are working straight through! Displacing a room can easily add to the stress of an already anxious time. Flooring professionals will greatly reduce the time that these cannot be used by your active bunch!

For all of these reasons, we recommend preserving your peace of mind and hiring professional installers for dazzling, successful results. When you’re ready to complete your inspired renovation, please consider our installation services for your home. We ONLY specialize in flooring and our installations are what sets us apart from the rest!